Brian Burt – Sponsored Products Academy 2.0


Brian Burt – Sponsored Products Academy 2.0

The Little Spike, Vampires, & Brian J. Losing His Mind…

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When you join SPA 2.0 You’ll immediately get access to our PPC “Quick Start Guide” which will detail the exact processes we use to get you up and running successful Sponsored Products Campaigns right out of the gate! 



WEEK 1: The Set-Up Behind

The  Success.

In week one we lay the foundation for massive Amazon PPC success. Getting the fundamentals right (the first time) is mission critical for every Amazon PPC campaign, and is where we see most sellers shoot themselves in the foot… even before getting started! From there we’ll take you by the hand to show you the specific processes we follow in our own businesses to ensure we build profitable PPC campaigns, every time.

WEEK 2: Keyword Research & How To Dramatically Spend Less While Getting More.

Week 2 begins by showing you our proven keyword research strategies, where to find the “golden nuggets” and then quickly moves into campaign optimization. Get this right and you’ll be spending less per click and making (lots) more… 

WEEK 3: Organic Rankings & How to Blow Past Your Competition.

In week 3 we get aggressive… It’s time to identify your largest PPC competitors, peek inside of their campaigns, and plan our attack. From there we take it to the streets and focus on increasing organic rankings, traffic & sales. 



WEEK 4: Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Week 4 is HUGE! Here, we bring in an Amazon Powerhouse, Bryan Bowman, to co-pilot with Brian Johnson and teach you how to tap into Amazon’s best kept secret, Amazon Marketing Services. Learn how to hack into your competitor’s product listings & (ethically) steal their traffic, customers, and sales!

But We’re Not Stopping There…

You’ll Get 2 More *BONUS* Weeks

When You Join Today!


*BONUS* WEEK 5: How To Write Listings That Actually Sell…

One of the most overlooked (but important) aspects to selling on Amazon is creating listing copy that actually created customers. In week 5 we add to our cast of Superstars and bring in Dana Derricks, also known as the “Copywriting Professor” to help you take your current listing copy and put it on steroids… because when your listing converts, you win big. 

A $1,497 Value…

*BONUS* WEEK 6: The Magic of External Traffic.

Week 6 is all about driving external traffic to your Amazon Product Listings. In it, our very own Brian Burt brings his substantial marketing chops to SPA 2.0 and gives you the exact how & why behind the external traffic strategies that have propelled him to over $150,000 per month! 

A $1,997 Value…

How About We Throw In A Few

More Awesome Bonuses… 

You’re OK With That, Right?

When You Join Today You’ll Also Get:

BONUS #1: 100%FREE Access to Weekly, Live Q&A Calls & Webinars!

Join Brian Johnson LIVE on weekly recap webinars and LIVE question & answer sessions to ensure every question you have regarding your sponsored products is answered! 

A $600 Value…

BONUS #2: 100% FREE Access to the #1 Amazon PPC Software, PPC SCOPE 2.0!

PPC SCOPE is the leading Amazon PPC Software, developed by Brian Johnson and when you join Sponsored Products Academy you’ll receive a 100% FREE 3 Month Pass to the previously unreleased version…PPC SCOPE 2.0! 

Worth Over $255…

BONUS #3: 100% FREE 90 Day Access to the #1 Amazon Software, OverGrowth!

OverGrowth is the most powerful Amazon tool on the market today; combining intelligent email follow up with the ability to drive a flood of external traffic to your listings, OverGrowth is truly the “secret weapon” of today’s top Amazon Sellers.

OverGrowth also includes: Keyword Rank Tracking, Review Monitoring & Notifications, Hijacker Protection, Listing Optimization, Sales Tracking, Live “Graphical Pinning” and a lot more…

Real World Value… $1,500

Wait, You Still Want MORE?

No Problem, We’ve Got You…

Here’s Even MORE BONUSES! 

BONUS #4: 60 FREE CREDITS to the #1 Amazon Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Inspector!

When it comes to being found on Amazon, being able to identify the right keywords is mission critical, and no other tool on the market is better than Keyword Inspector. When you join SPA today, you’ll get a whopping 60 FREE Credits to ensure your Keyword game is top notch!  

Normally $150

BONUS #5: 100% FREE Access to the #1 Amazon PPC Paid Community, SPA VIP! 

Perhaps as valuable as the entire academy itself, the Sponsored Products Academy VIP Community is a group of likeminded people led by Brian Johnson & Brian Burt dedicated to your continued support. Here, you’ll be the 1st to get your questions answered, the 1st to know about Amazon updates & changes, as well as access to continued education live through webinars, mini-courses & q&a sessions.

Truly Priceless.

BONUS #6: 100% FREE Upgrade to Sponsored Products Academy 3.0!

At Sponsored Products Academy, and as the pinnacle Sponsored Products Training, and plan to launch many versions of the academy. However, as a SPA VIP member, you’ll never be charged for SPA 3.0, as you’ll get 3.0 for FREE! Buy once… own forever. 

Actual Price… $3,995.

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