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Brain Speak – Ultra Intelligence

Brain Speak - Ultra Intelligence

At we know that our proprietary sounds and frequencies “speak” directly to the brain/mind, creating a biochemical response in the neurotransmitters of the brain.

That is, the human brain can literally be “tuned” to far greater levels of performance.

In a world where human technology has surpassed our ability to keep up with the sheer volume of information available, it’s no wonder that people everywhere are feeling overwhelmed, confused, out of balance and burned to a crisp.

The truth is that the human brain is not designed to be a short-term storage buffer for unlimited information.

It was created to “think.”

Unfortunately with the overwhelming amount of information that comes at us each day, the untuned brain has very little capacity left for the process of actually thinking. We use the term “untuned” because many years ago a playful genius by the name of Dr. John-David discovered a powerful secret…

John-David was among an elite group of cutting-edge neuroscientists and educators who believed – long before the concept of “whole brain learning” was accepted by the mainstream – that the mind/body/spirit are harmonically interconnected and resonate, on a cellular level, to sound and vibration.

As John-David explained it, certain sounds and frequencies “speak” directly to the brain/mind, creating a biochemical response in the neurotransmitters of the brain.

His numerous case studies showed that these special tones and frequencies – when sent to pre-designated areas of the mind and body – can actually accelerate learning, eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Today we know this to be true.

After 20-years of research and experimentation with sound patterns and tones played at varying frequencies, he created an audio program using unique vibratory patterns to stimulate the brain’s neurons and boost synaptic response.

This allowed listeners to achieve quantum breakthroughs in accelerated learning and intellectual power.

He called this mind-blowing masterpiece ULTRA-INTELLIGENCE®!

Users of ULTRA-INTELLIGENCE were absolutely blown away when they began to experience:

Vastly increased creativity & problem solving skills
Increased recall, focus and concentration
Increased ability to multi-task

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    The ability to think faster with more flexibility
Increased sensory and situational awareness
“Outside-the-box” thinking

The ability to remain calm and focused during high-stress situations
Increased self-confidence
Episodes of lucid dreaming

Grab BrainSpeak’s Accelerated Learning Masterpiece–Ultra Intelligence® at a Fraction of Its Original Price!

You may have heard that only 1000 people on the planet experienced the incredible power of Dr. John-David’s original ULTRA-INTELLIGENCE® program.


Because he created his highly-acclaimed program as a special Limited Edition, available only to graduates of his seminars and a privileged inner circle of friends and colleagues.

What you may not know is that it proved so effective that each willingly paid $1000 for the privilege of owning the coveted set of 4 audios and its accompanying video.

Today, we are going to offer you an incredible opportunity to find out why so many others think ULTRA-INTELLIGENCE® is the most potent program of its kind in existence at an affordable price.
But, before you decide that Ultra is right for you, see what others have to say…
This Experience was Beyond Belief!

This is the most mind-blowing-est, most audacious work I have ever heard. I often feel my brain ‘move’ when I’m concentrating hard… but this experience was beyond belief… I can hardly wait for the next step!
Esther Perry
Clearer, More Defined Thoughts…

I experienced clearer, more defined thoughts, and my concentration deepened; I also experienced increased creativity… I noticed in my studies that I was making more connections and extrapolations than usual. I found it to be something enlivening… with the attitude of ‘I love my brain.’
Delaine Dunphy Office Manager
Stronger Emotionally, and More Centered

Since listening to Ultra-Intelligence, I’ve noticed a lot of changes… I feel stronger emotionally and more centered… I haven’t been in the job market since I stopped to have children, and now I feel like getting out and being creative. And, you know, a friend came to visit and said, ‘Betty, how young you look!’ There is a real shift.
Betty Brady Job Seeker
Increased Physical Coordination… My Reflexes are Incredibly Fast

One thing I’m experiencing is increased physical coordination, in terms of having more conscious control over body movements… my reflexes are incredibly fast. Not only is there a mental increase in clarity and activity, but also a physical groundedness and responsiveness. I was really worried about becoming an ‘egghead,’ but that is not happening… There is balance. I read the blurb about being able to handle many different thoughts at once, and the way I experience that is like my mind is one of those windows with lots of panes, and I put a thought image in each pane… my mind is like a 3-D Rolodex file moving with incredible speed and agility.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Ultra Intelligence

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Get Brain Speak - Ultra Intelligence immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page The ability to think faster with more flexibility Increased sensory and situational awareness “Outside-the-box” thinking File Size: 1.2 GB...