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Bobby Kim
Bobby Kim

Bobby Kim runs a social media marketing agency that helps dozens of authors on a monthly basis. With over 500 students in his private master class reaching consistent four figures a month and many doing five figures a month alongside running a workshop with over 2,000 authors, he never finds the time to not teach authors how to successfully create a career in this ever evolving industry.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome To Six Figure Publishing ( Here!)

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Joining the Community (3:14)

Register For Next Live Q&A

Success Survey

Millionaire Mindset Training (27:16)

Introduction – Millionaire Mental Prep

Foundations To Guarantee Success (16:45)

The Science Of Results (Why You Don’t See Results) (32:11)

The Purpose Of Your Publishing Business (7:47)

Stacking Your Baseline Skills (21:09)

Why You’re Not Seeing Progress (25:54)

Slow & Steady Wins The Race (6:37)

Why You Keep Yourself Poor & Stuck (14:48)

Week 1: Introduction To The Self-Publishing Business Model 2020

The Big Picture: The Publishing Sales Machine (22:11)

The Evolution Of Online Publishing (7:06)

The Anatomy Of A Publishing Brand (21:13)

Six Pillars To Publishing (8:50)

The Publishing Process (10:11)

Time Management (13:35)

Week 2 – Fundamentals of the Publishing Process

Knowing Your Readers (20:37)

Your Author Identity (4:53)

Building Your Facebook Prescense (7:41)

Niche Your Way To Success (38:35)

What Makes A Great Story? The Death of Paint-By-Numbers Novels (18:19)

Easiest Sub-Genre to Publish in: The Path of Least Resistance (29:54)

What Makes A Great Story? Characters Readers Love…& Love to Hate (COMING SOON)

What Makes A Great Story? Storylines That Sell Like Crazy (COMING SOON)

What Makes A Great Story? Dialogue That’s Sex In Words (COMING SOON)

Sourcing Content that Sells! (42:29)

Sourcing Covers That Sell (8:04)

Bulletproofing Your Book: The Role of an Editor (16:01)

Write Blurbs Like A Pro: Secrets To Make Readers Click Buy (8:53)

Account Setup & Account Health (6:04)

Formatting your eBooks (7:43)

Uploading to KDP (7:16)

Setting Up A Readerlinks Account (6:36)

Week 3 – Foundations To Marketing

Email Marketing & Welcome Email Sequence (10:43)

Triple Threat Marketing (10:02)

Uploading your opt-in to Bookfunnel (4:03)

Intro To Facebook Business Manager (3:32)

Setting up a Facebook Ad for Subscribers (7:39)

Your Automated Review System (16:19)

UPLOAD LECTURE: Operations Of Marketing? How To Manage?

Week 4 – Launch Methodology & Release Strategies

The Anatomy Behind Rank (11:10)

Crafting Your Launch Plan (18:46)

Reviving Your Backlist Through A Kindle Countdown (15:53)

2018 Launch Methodology (43:32)

2019 Launch Methodology (15:41)

2020 Launch Methodology (23:59)

Week 5 – Facebook Ads

FaBo Ads – Rock Solid Foundation (36:33)

Fabo Ads – Facebook Pixel Mastery (4:48)

Fabo Ads – Navigating Ads Manager (16:45)

Fabo Ads – Organizing Your Campaigns (6:57)

FaBo Ads – Assembling Audiences (9:20)

Fabo Ads – Audience Identification & Targeting (COMING SOON)

FaBo Ads – Running Ads For Your Books (40:41)

FaBo Ads – Running Ads To Build Your Facebook Group (8:33)

Fabo Ads – Evergreen Marketing Part 1 (17:31)

Fabo Ads – Evergreen Marketing Part 2 (22:57)

Fabo Ads – Evergreen Marketing Part 3 (8:23)

Introduction To IRON (8:18)

Scaling Your Fabo Ads Through IRON (17:02)

Lead Enforce – Must Grab Tool (8:14)

Week 6 – Amazon Ads

Get immediately download Bobby Kim – Six Figure Publishing

Amazon Ads – Rock Solid Foundation (20:31)

Amazon Ads – Navigating The Dashboard & Setting Up Your First Ad (27:22)

Amazon Ads – Analyzing Your Ads & Negative Targeting (17:50)

Week 7: Operational Supremacy

Why Most People Are Stuck And Can’t Scale (16:11)

WhiteBoard Lesson – Launching Your Book When You’re Making Less Than 1k/Month (16:46)

WhiteBoard Lesson – Building Out Your Systems At 1-5k/Month (9:24)

WhiteBoard Lesson – Preparing To Scale At 5-10k/Month (9:24)

WhiteBoard Lesson – Beyond 10k/Month (5:35)

WhiteBoard Lesson – ing With Less Than $5,000 (22:05)

Week 8 – Case Studies

C.C. Piper (19:37)

Q&A Recordings

May 27th, 2020

June 3rd, 2020

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