Bloomverse – Money mastery Bundle


Positive thinking can be good for your emotional and mental well-being, but it’s not effective in helping you earn a living. Format File: 5 CDs – 38 MP3s, 1 eBook – PDF

Bloomverse – Money mastery Bundle

Bloomverse - Money mastery Bundle

  1. The Money Mastery Course
  2. You don’t have to struggle to make ends meet.
  3. I know what you’re thinking. “Yes, I really do. I have a lot of bills, and not enough money, and no way to get out of this situation. The economy’s in the tank and I don’t have any other prospects. Don’t tell me I don’t need to struggle.” I’m afraid I have to insist. You can solve all of your financial problems. You can make more money than you are currently making. You can stop stressing out over where the money for the electricity bill is going to come from this month. You can stop feeling like you can’t do anything or own anything because you simply can’t afford it.
  4. I know because I had the same problems myself, once upon a time. And if I had been able to take the Money Mastery Course back then, I would have solved them a lot sooner.
  5. I was in control of my own financial prosperity.
  6. I just didn’t know it yet. Now you’re in the same situation I was in, stressed out about money and certain that nothing will ever change. The only difference is that you have the Money Mastery Course. And it can make your financial woes melt away.
  7. What’s the #1 Reason You Struggle With Money?
  8. You may say it’s because your job doesn’t pay you enough, or because there aren’t enough opportunities where you live. You may say it’s because you don’t have a good enough education or because you have too many bills that are beyond your control.
  9. None of these are the real reasons.
  10. You don’t lack money because you don’t have the resources, the talent, or the opportunities to make money. You already have all of these things; you just haven’t noticed them yet.
  11. The reason you don’t have the money you want is because you have feelings, beliefs, and concepts of limitation in your mind that are working against you. You believe this is the way things have to be. You think you’ll never get out of it.
  12. The number one reason you struggle with money? You. Your mindset is why you struggle with money. And unlike resources or talent or opportunity, your mindset is completely within your control to change for the better. “The Sedona Method has a proven track record of helping people make huge beneficial change. In this audio program, Craig clearly and concisely explains how you can adopt the process to remove any internal obstacles you may have to becoming wealthy. Make no mistake, most people fail to become wealthy because of their own attitudes to money, and not because they are incapable.”
  13. ~Tim Brownson, life coach and co-author of How To Be Rich and Happy
  14. What’s Wrong With My Mindset?
  15. Before you get defensive, first allow me to explain that you are not consciously jeopardizing yourself. It’s not as though you see an opportunity to better your financial situation and intentionally, willfully turn your back on it. No, the problem goes much deeper than that.
  16. Unfortunately, it likely runs so deep that you aren’t even aware you’re doing it.
  17. To see what I mean, ask yourself these questions: Do you see prosperity as an unattainable goal? If I say to you, “You could be a millionaire,” do you think, “Yeah, right?” Have you ever seen a job ad and immediately thought, “There’s no way I could get that job? I’m not qualified/not educated enough/not impressive enough in an interview?” Do you think that money, as an entity, is an evil thing? Do you think people with scads of money are more likely to be less moral, less kind people? When you see a wealthy person, do you think less of them because of their ridiculous wealth?
  18. If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you are jeopardizing yourself subconsciously.
  19. The bad news is that this may have been impeding your ability to make a good living all of your life.
  20. The good news is that you can stop. Right now. Today. And start opening yourself up to success.
  21. This Isn’t Simply Positive Thinking
  22. I’m not here to tell you that all you need to do is think positively about making money in order for a fairy to show up at your door with a big sack of cash. Positive thinking can be good for your emotional and mental well-being, but it’s not effective in helping you earn a living.
  23. Positive thinking, strange as it may seem, can actually be detrimental. Instead of solving the problem, you’re just layering happy thoughts over it. It’s like trying to solve a mildew infestation by putting a fresh coat of paint over it. The mildew is still there, and it’s going to continue to work its destructive path.
  24. What Is It, Then?
  25. The Money Mastery Course is a full, comprehensive audio program designed to help you transform your mindset around money so that you can earn more of it. It will end your suffering over money and eliminate your resistance towards it. In this 3-hour course, you’ll find the tools you need to break free – and stop struggling.
  26. Module 1: End Money Intimidation
  27. –Money often seems to be a powerful force over which we have no control. With this module, you’ll end the false associations you have with money, including its power over you.
  28. Module 2: Eliminate Attachments & Aversions
  29. –You have strong conflicting feelings about money – you desire it, but at the same time you fear its power. With this module, you’ll resolve those conflicts and end the associated stress.
  30. Module 3: You Have No Limits
  31. –We often impose crippling limitations on ourselves when it comes to our earning potential. That self-defeating attitude is much of the reason you don’t hold a better job or a higher paycheck right now. This module will change that.
  32. Module 4: Release Your Emotional Baggage
  33. –This module guides you through a unique transposition exercise coupled with the Sedona Method, which will help you dig up and release your deepest emotional baggage around money. “The Money Mastery Course is a great tool for taking your financial life and feelings around money to a new level. It can be used and understood by anyone, even those who are new to releasing, and comes with unique releasing exercises that will make you look at the area of money in new ways and most probably shake away a lot of limiting beliefs and emotions too!”~Per Jonsson,

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