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Better Know – Proxy Know Professional

Better Know - Proxy Know Professional

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Scripts & Documentation

    The complete guide for making and managing proxies from a to z
you will Never Pay for Proxies Again with PROXY KNOW
Tens of different scripts for doing any proxy-related operation
the world’s first completely automated mobile/4G proxy maker
Make your proxies with our 1 click script

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The ancient way
Buying proxies

Hurts your bots
Low Quality
Terrible Support
Fake Proxies
Lacks Security

The new way
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Your bots will love it
Complete control over qualty
Premium support
Will save you thousands of Dollars
A new definition of privacy
As secure as it gets
Complete freedom and no limits

1, 900 +
Copies Sold​
2 70,000 +
Proxies Made
$8 50,000 +
Dollars Saved
Take your business to the next level by making your own proxies

We found in a survey that 90% of the top 100 Social Media Marketing Agencies were making their own proxies and not buying any, 60% of which were using PROXY KNOW and other 40% had an in house networking engineer.

Change has come to the industry, and those who do not adapt are the first to fail, so what are you waiting for?
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They Believe In Us
From small entrepreneurs to big corporations and marketing agencies, we never disappoint.
Amount of support is worth 100 times the script itself.
Satyajit Biswas
Satyajit BiswasCEO & Founder –
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I went from paying $60,000/year for residential proxies to $6,000/year for mobile ones. Highly recommended.
Niv Zafarani
Niv ZafaraniCEO & Founder – Buzz Media IL
Amount of support is worth 100 times the script itself.
Satyajit Biswas
Satyajit BiswasCEO & Founder –
I went from paying $60,000/year for residential proxies to $6,000/year for mobile ones. Highly recommended.
Niv Zafarani
Niv ZafaraniCEO & Founder – Buzz Media IL
PROXY KNOW Features:
Fully automated

PROXY KNOW comes with a fully automated 1 click install script. No need for any programming knowledge whatsoever. Just copy and paste our 1 line of code script, and that’s it. It has never been easier to make your own proxies!
detailed documentation

PROXY KNOW versions range from 80 pages to over 200, which cover everything you can think of from A to Z, and if there’s anything you can’t find, you can ask support or the active community in the Discord server.
Mobile/4G Proxy Maker

Our Mobile/4G Proxy Maker Script is the world’s first and most advanced fully automated Mobile/4G Proxy Script, which is currently running more than 10,000 mobile proxies.
Exclusive IP deals

We spent months, countless emails, calls, and meetings negotiating IP prices to ensure you get exclusive offers that guarantee a price you will never see anywhere else.
No affiliate links

To us, you are a partner. PROXY KNOW does not have any affiliate links whatsoever, any commission we were offered, we asked to have as discount for our costumers.
Much More

Hundreds of other features. PROXY KNOW allows for complete control over the proxies from access to type.
4G/Mobile proxies are built using our scripts all around the world, here are some examples:
4G/Mobile proxy farm in the Sweden
4G/Mobile proxy farm in the Netherlands
100+ 4G/Mobile proxy farm in the UK
4G/Mobile proxy farm in the Netherlands
4G/Mobile proxy farm in Germany
Small 4G/Mobile proxy farm in Thailand
Whatever your needs are, there’s a PROXY KNOW version for you.
Free Version
For those who are just curious

100% FREE, no CC required
Make 20 FREE proxies
Learn proxy basics and scams
Learn to detect fake proxies
Learn to detect resellers
Special PROXY KNOW discounts
Access our premium Discord

For true professionals
$ 247 One Time Payment

Professional mobile/4G proxy script
Make IPV6 proxies from $0.01/proxy
Supports Linux and Windows proxies
Access Professional Discord
200+ pages of information
Complete proxy selling script
Make HTTP or SOCKS proxies
Premium support

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For businesses and agencies
Coming Soon

Everything in Professional, plus:
Bulk mobile/4G proxy maker
REST API for mobile/4G proxies
Make any type of rotating proxies
Make millions of IPV6 proxies
Make true virgin proxies
Make true residential proxies
Millions of IPV6 proxies from $0.001
Make IPV4 proxies from $0.3/proxy
Sell your proxies in our premium Discord
Premium lifetime support
Much more to be announced soon!

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All PROXY KNOW versions include:

Lifetime Free Updates & Maintenance
Fully Automated Script
One Click Upgrade

Full Version Comparison
If I want to upgrade from one version to another, do I get a discount?

Yes, when you want to upgrade you only have to cover the difference. For example, if you want to upgrade from Professional to Agency, you get a $250 discount.
Is $0.005/proxy a typo?
What hardware do I need for a mobile/4G proxy?


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