Ben Angel – The Ultimate Facebook Conversion System v2.0


Ben Angel – The Ultimate Facebook Conversion System v2.0

Ben Angel - The Ultimate Facebook Conversion System v2.0

Taking the guesswork, frustration & confusion out of creating high converting ad campaigns that grow your business…

Let’s be honest, you have a great idea, product or service, but unless people are buying… you can’t make money doing what you love.

And, if you’ve got a tiny budget with a big vision, Facebook advertising can seem far too out of reach & overwhelming.

Get immediately download Ben Angel – The Ultimate Facebook Conversion System v2.0

But there’s great news!

Anyone with any experience, beginner right through to advanced can generate a flood of consistent sales using Facebook ads when you have a ‘COMPLETE’ roadmap for creating lucrative ad campaigns that drive people to buy what you have to sell right now.

The Ultimate Facebook Conversion System V2.0 uses an easy to implement 4-part process that’s proven by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to help you quickly & easily get started, get optimised & get clients. Our training has even been featured by Entrepreneur Magazine in the U.S. who’s followed by a stagerring 3 million worldwide!

Grow your email list, sales & fanbase faster, with greater ease & less frustration


Access the course content anytime & anywhere to make your life easier. You get one FULL years access as an added bonus, which means you get free access to any training updates as the year unfolds & you master Facebook ads.


From demos to screencasts to behind-the-scenes tutorials, one thing is for sure, you’ll feel right at home knowing you’ve got all the answers you need right at your fingertips. Ben steps you through strategies, not only on the whiteboard, but also on screencasts so you can implement as you watch.


You’ll be thrilled to know that each comprehensive & easy to follow module builds upon the next, which means you don’t get overwhelemed trying to learn everything at once so you can stay focused on your vision of building your business.


Overwhelmed at the thought of creating high converting ads on a budget or getting your existing ads firing on all cylinders? Don’t be, everything is unvelied to you in a very specific order. Simply hit play on the easy-to-understand video tutorials & follow along.


There’s a lot of information out there on Facebook ads, the problem is, when you attempt to piece it together you create a campaign that resembles a patchwork quilt that generates adhoc results. We ONLY step you through the 20% of strategies that really matter & not the 80% that don’t.


We help make Facebook ads even easier for you by supplying you with easy to download planning tools & templates that help take the guesswork out of it within a matter of minutes, meaning you can focus on what you’re good at, serving your customers.

Here’s the ultimate Facebook ads conversion process made easy…

More leads, more sales, greater ease…


Everything’s in easy-to-follow order for effortless learning, simply hit play!

Set your own pace, 1-2 hours of training each week could add hundreds of thousands to your sales in the next 12 months alone!

Download the modules planning tools & templates & save countless hours


The faster you implement these easy-to-apply strategies, the faster you can grow your business & bring your vision to life – we’ve made it easy.

As each week in this 4 week course progresses, you’ll further refine, optimise & scale your Facebook ad campaigns to better & better results

3: FREE FB ADS REVIEW ($497 value!)

Once you’ve completed the 4 week course & you have some results under your belt, submit one Facebook ad campaign for review. Just simply send us screenshots of 2-3 of your ads, a link to your landing page & insight into your results & we’ll advise you on how to improve upon it. Yours free when you select “paid in full” version on registration.

Now, let me walk you through, in detail, exactly what to expect inside of this program

Advertising your business on Facebook doesn’t have to be hard, you just need a plan & that plan should also help you increase sales across your ENTIRE business, like this one!

MODULE 1: Launchpad

Get immediately download Ben Angel – The Ultimate Facebook Conversion System v2.0

Your 6 – 7 Figure Facebook Ads Mindset That Will Change The Way You Look at Online Marketing
The Facebook Ads Masterplan That Will Reveal Your Indepth Plan to 4 x Your Sales
Shrink Your Sales Process from 6 Months to 10 Minutes & Increase The Cash in Your Business
The “Threshold” of High Returns & What You Really Need to Know to Make Facebook Ads Work
How to Launch an Evergreen Ads Campaign That Obliterates Your Previous Sales Targets
How to Uncover High Converting Audiences That Are Ready to BUY RIGHT NOW!


Define Your Ideal Customer Planner
Facebook Audience Targeting Spreadsheet
Evergreen Launch Ads Planning Tool

MODULE 2: Profits

The PROVEN Profitability Formula That Will Turbocharge Your Ad Campaigns Quickly
The Numbers You Need to Know to Scale Your Campaigns to 6 – 7 Figure Sales
How to Generate 1,000’s of Leads Per Month on a Tight Budget & Convert Them into Paying Customers
The $10 – $20 per Day Facebook Ads Traffic Solution To Drive Sales & Web visitors
You’ll Disocver The Secret Steps to Creating High Converting Video Ads That Drive Your Ad Costs Down & Build Customer Loyalty


LeadMagnet Planner (13 pg. indepth worksheet)
Lead Magnet Video Script Template

MODULE 3: Conversions

.The MOST Important Video on Facebook Advertising You’ll Ever Watch
7 Powertips for Creating High Converting Facebook Ads That Sell
The Online Tools That Speed Up Ad Creation, So You Can Launch New Campaigns FAST!
How to Set-Up The Conversion Pixel to Maximize Your Sales Growth


Recommended Online Tools That Are Not Only Affordable, But Will Make Your Life Easier

MODULE 4: Ignition

How to 4 X Your Sales Using This One Powerful Tool (Walkthrough & Case study)
$500,000 Case Study That Will Inspire You To Implement This Powerful Strategy In Your Business Immediately
Insider Hacks to Increasing Your Conversions
Advanced Facebook Re-Targeting Campaigns
The NEXT Generation of Marketing – How to Use Lead Quizzes to Catapult Your Sales & List


Upsell Video Script Template (this will add hundreds of thousands to your business!)

When you enroll during this special, limited time launch period, you’ll get:

Imagine what you could achieve in your business within the next 30 days with all of these bonus educational resources & strategies right at your fingertips.

BONUS 1: Rapid Fire Facebook Ads Formula

This screencast tutorial walkthrough is designed for action, not just learning. You’ll get stepped through precisely how to create hundreds of advert tests on a budget & within just minutes & uncover the winners in 72hrs or less.

BONUS 2: How to Get Facebook Fans & Likes

Everyone wants new Facebook fans, but they don’t consider crucial organic reach statistics & whether or not it’s viable to boost your page for new fans. Ben breaks it all down for you & even steps you through a BETTER way to grow your fanbase at the same time as generating new leads & growing your sales.

Get immediately download Ben Angel – The Ultimate Facebook Conversion System v2.0

BONUS 3: The Next Generation of Marketing

We now have incredible access to affordable & powerful new tools that make it even easier to convert prospects into paying customers, within a few short minutes. You’ll be introduced to a brand new tool that’s making waves, growing email lists quickly & converting them to paying customers just as quick.


Here’s What You’ll Get in Ben Angel – The Ultimate Facebook Conversion System v2.0

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