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Barron Cruz - BEAST

 Ethan is just a normal dude who finished high school and headed off to college. From what he’d heard, the was expecting to immediately be dumped into a campus town with an unlimited supply of girls who are 9’s and 10’s, AND at the drop of a hat are ready to hook up and date him.

Unfortunately, “ol’ boy” quickly learns that story was garbage and the whole college dating scene is sadly a lot like it was at his high school. He finds himself having no fun, getting very few dates and struggling to talk to women at bars and parties.

He drags his way through four college years, which are supposed to be “The best years of his life,” with very few girls interested in him. He eventually settles on dating a girl who he isn’t even into because of his fear that she may be as good as he can do.

Jacob is also just a normal dude on his way to college. But he shows up to the dorms hot, knowing what to both do and say to get others he meets to see him as a cool, high status guy. He also knows how to flirt with girls, without being pushy or needy.

Jacob never wants to leave the college scene! He is having so much fun dating a number of women, who are both high quality and his type. This gives him the ability to be super-picky with whom he enters into a relationship.

He is able to choose his ”diamond in the rough,” because he has access to a huge number of girls. He eventually decides to date a girl who is his perfect 10. Other guys on campus think he’s the man, and other girls wish they were his girlfriend.

The only major difference between Jacob and Ethan is that Jacob is good with women. How did he develop that trait? Well, it wasn’t from his dad, or his brother or from watching movies (these things will actually mess up your game with women.)

Jacob received an education about how to be good with women.

Think of it like installing software onto your brain. If you bought a new computer and didn’t install the Program – Microsoft Word onto it, would you expect it to be able to run Microsoft Word? Of course not!

But if you have installed the proper software, the computer will know exactly how to proceed.

I created this program because I know how painful it can be to struggle with women. In fact, I was a very social guy and had a great social circle but STILL sucked in relating to women.

Being tall, good looking, socially advanced and possessing all the attributes that our culture says we need to be good with women does not necessarily mean much. However, having success with women is really just as simple as having the proper software.

That is exactly what the “Be a Beast with College Girls” program does. This “software” will equip you with the skills, techniques, short cuts, strategies and mindsets to become a star in interacting with, and establishing relationships with top-notch women in college.

I encourage you to join me in walking through this life changing audio course by clicking below to begin a new and exciting dating life.

Listen Anywhere
Completely audio based,  this program was recorded with ultra-HD microphones providing flawless audio quality. You can listen while you work out, travel, drive or any other time you can rock your ear buds.

What You Will Learn
How To Get Cool Friends
You will learn how to create and grow your group of friends. Weather your living in a dorm, apartment or frat, I’ll talk specifically how to get in with high-status, cool kids who can help you out socially.
How To Know What To Say To Any Girl, Anywhere
You will learn how to effortlessly carry a conversation and always have cool things to say and talk about even when you are shakin’-knees nervous and the girl is shy.
How To Flirt & Set Up Dates In Class
In this lesson, you will get 4 “lines,” you can use, verbatim, to start a conversation with any girl in class. This will teach you the structure, so your able to come up with your own ideas as well. Lastly, you’ll learn a custom method for getting her to meet up outside of class.
How To Dress Cool
Dressing cool isn’t hard, but very few guys know how to do it. You will learn how to look the part  in every environment whether it be in class, at the gym or at a party or bar.
How To Approach A Girl At A Campus Bar
You will learn how to smoothly start talking to a girl or group of girls without putting yourself in a situation to be shut down or rejected. It makes meeting girls at bars so easy.

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From First Touch To First Kiss
You will learn when is the right time to go for a kiss and how to do it properly. You will also learn a cool way to react if she turns her cheek to you that actually makes you look higher status than before.
How To Get In Good With Bouncers
When bouncers know who you are and you can get people into cool bars, it is a HUGE sign of social status. By learning a few, simple techniques to use, you will have the bouncers on your side.
Texting & Snapchat 101
This lesson gives a breakdown of how to text/snap a girl to peak her interest and set up a date. It includes overarching principles that you can weave into all of your text messages.
4 Steps To Deck Out Your Dorm, Apartment or Frat
I’ll show you a few easy things you can do to your room to set your self apart from other guys and is highly impressive to girls.
How To Properly Use A Wingman To Skyrocket Attraction
There are a few very simple rules about going out with a wingman. When used correctly, the results are amazing. You will learn exactly what to do and what not to do to create immediate attraction.
Relationships Done Right (If You Chose To Get In One)
We will talk about how, when and why to get into a long term relationship if you want to. This will set you up for success, rather than the typical miserable relationship you see your friends in.
“Perfect 1st Date” – Create A Flawless First Impression
You will learn how to “Charisma Coat” your date before it happens to ENSURE that her first impression of you is incredibly powerful. This technique INSANE.
Bonus #1: How To Smoothly Deal With Aggressive Dudes
How To Avoid A Fight
The most important skill you can learn when it comes to physical confrontation is knowing how to avoid a fight completely. You will learn how to diffuse aggressive guys and avoid fights in a way that is confident and doesn’t make you look weak.
If you want to feel 100% comfortable and confident when you’re out at a bar or club, you need to also be confident that you and handle yourself if an unavoidable confrontation arises.

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Protect Yourself And Others
If a fight is unavoidable, you need to know how to protect yourself and others your with. I will teach you a few simple ways to do so which will enable you to always carry yourself with strength
and confidence.
Bonus #2: How To Go Out Alone (And Kill It)
How To Be “The Guy Everyone Knows”
You will learn how to quickly make friends with a few people in one or a few different groups. This will allow you to look like “The Guy Who Just Knows Everyone,” even when you are actually alone.
Knowing how to go out by yourself and have a great time is an incredible skill to possess. If you have a huge social circle or friends or no friends at all, having the confidence to go out alone is worth its weight in gold.
4 Secrets To Success
Most guys have NO IDEA what to expect when they go out alone. In this bonus lesson I will teach you everything you need to know about going out alone from mindsets to have, things to focus on, what to say and what NOT to do.

What People Are Saying About The Program

       “…my dating life has became 200% better! and I’m not even exaggerating.” – F.S.
“…I wish to god above that I would have had this my Freshman Year.” – R.S.
“…worth way more than the price and will stay with me for the rest of my life.” – J.N.

Quality of Education
Highest Level Of Education
You’ll learn more about dating, relationships, social interaction and attracting women in this course than all of your college classes combined (and it costs about 1/1,000th of the amount.)
100% Efficient
This is a no-fluff program. This means you wont have to waste time listening to the typical filler that most products contain to fill the long hours that most programs are (and think looks like higher value but is really wasting your time!)
Common Questions Answered In The Program

What if I haven’t had much success dating in the past?
What if I’m a little socially awkward?
What if I always seem to get put in the “Friend Zone?”
What if I’m not good looking, short and have a little bit of a DAD-BOD going on?
What if I’m already doing well but want to be one of the best on my campus?


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