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Andrrea Hess – Monetize Your Magic

 Andrrea Hess - Monetize Your Magic

This is geared towards psychics, but the techniques can be used to promote most any service related business.

Dear Psychic and Intuitive Professional …

Monetize YOUR Magic And Finally Create A Consistent Income, Doing The Work You Love … In Just 90 Days!

The time to step forward and change the world through your Divine Gifts is now.

You probably don’t feel “ready.”

You probably don’t have as much clarity as you want in terms of exactly HOW you’re going to make your big vision a reality.

You probably don’t have as much confidence as you think you “should” have in order to get started.

And you might feel uncertain that you can, in fact, get paid ABUNDANTLY for doing what you love.

But …

You wouldn’t be here, reading this page, if this were not YOUR TIME to embrace your Divine Gifts and offer the world your magic!

If you are ready to truly EXPERIENCE yourself in your Divinity and Soul Purpose …
If you are ready to embrace SERVICE over self-consciousness and get the little ego “you” out of the way so that the big YOU can shine …
If you are ready to ENGAGE with the people you are here to serve …

Then you’re invited to

Monetize Your Magic

In just ninety days, you can create a full-time income doing the work you love.

In just ninety days, you can create a solid foundation from which you can manifest a six-figure or even multiple six-figure income.

But let’s be real …

For ninety days, you’re going to have to take NEW ACTION.
For ninety days, you must be willing to invest about ten hours a week into creating a full-time income.
For ninety days, you must be willing to be uncomfortable because you’ll be stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Mind you, there’s NEVER going to be a “convenient” time to do this work!

Your ego will always be able to find a “good reason” to WAIT on offering the world your magic.
Your ego will always want to stay comfortable and safe, and stepping out into your Divine Gifts is scary.
Your ego will tell you you don’t have the time, the money, the energy …

Right now is YOUR TIME to decide whether to embrace your Soul Purpose, believe in the inherent value of your Divine Gifts, and trust yourself to create a new reality … or have your life stay exactly the way it is.

Get immediately download Andrrea Hess – Monetize Your Magic

If you’re ready, here’s the work we’ll do together for the next 90 days:

Month One

The first month is all about DOING … and no, you won’t have all the clarity, confidence and certainty you think you should have. And yet, when you just get MOVING, you’ll find that all of these WILL come!

In this first month, we are generating leads and gathering your “tribe” – the people you are here to serve. You will be doing a ton of ENGAGEMENT … imperfectly, but in the intention of service.

You’ll be building lead generation infrastructure, creating your very first offer, inviting people into one-on-one conversations with you, and will hopefully be enrolling a few clients.

Month Two

The second month of this program is all about YOU … and getting your ego out of YOUR way, so that your Divine self-expression can come to the forefront of your human experience!

We are going to dive into the details of successful, sacred selling! This is all about addressing any of your ego’s needs to be liked, to be needed, to be appreciated, to be valued … and to get your own “needs” and neediness out of the way so that you can stand in service as the Divine Creator that you truly are.

On the practical side of things, we’ll be refining your lead generation process so that you will attract more and more qualified prospects.

Month Three

NOW we get to play! Month three is all about taking what you’ve learned from the first two months of our work together … and going BIGGER! Now we can start LEVERAGING what you’ve learned … automating more of your sales process and serving more people while investing less of your personal time. We will dive into structuring your offers so that you can serve groups rather than individuals, and designing products so that you work less while serving more.

We will also dive into more advanced content strategies for bigger business projects such as telesummits and live events.

All content for this program will be video-based and made available to you MONTHLY within our members area:

Month One Content Modules

Month One Overview (so that you know exactly WHY we’re doing what we’re doing!)
How To Know Your Niche (As Much As You Need To Get Started!)
Effective Lead Generation Through Networking
Effective Online Lead Generation
Effective Lead Generation Through Speaking
How To Optimize Your Website For Lead Generation
How To Drive Traffic To Your Website
How To Structure Your Content For Optimal Engagement
How To Create Your Free Offer (Lead Magnet)
How To Create Your First Offer
How To Effectively Invite Clients To Work With You In A Strategy Session
How To Communicate To Move Prospects Into Action
How To “Ground” Your Soul Purpose
For Pychics: How To Upsell From a Reading (Available 4/10)

Month Two Content Modules

How To Align Your Sales Conversations To Your Divine Gifts
How To Spot Sales Self-Sabotage And Get Your Ego Out Of The Way
How To Handle objections To Your Rates
How To Qualify Your Prospects Through Automation AND Your Divine Gifts
How To Purposefully Refine Your Lead Generation And Content Strategy
How To Use Video (Even If You Are Camera Shy!)
Video Resources and Video “Sins”
For Psychics: How To Upsell From a “Gallery-style” Reading Event Online or Offline
How To Powerfully Energize Your Desired Outcomes
How To Handle Energetic Dissonance and Negativity In Your Manifesting Process
Marketing And Selling Your First “Live” Event

Month Three Content Modules

Advanced Purposeful Content Strategies And Marketing Funnels
Advanced Online Lead Generation Strategies
Advanced Speaker Lead Generation Strategies
Creating And Marketing Your First Group Program
How To Sell On Teleclasses and Webinars
Webinar Creation and Automation
Designing An Information Product That Your Prospects Will Buy … And Continue To Buy!
How To Stay Congruent To Your Soul Purpose And Choose Purposeful Business Projects Without SurrenderingTo Overwhelm
How To Host A Telesummit (And Why You Might Want To)
Hosting A Live Event (And How To Know You’re Ready!)

Get immediately download Andrrea Hess – Monetize Your Magic

It’s all about Practical, Powerful, and Purposeful Income Creation … so that you can offer the world YOUR MAGIC!

Is it going to be “a lot” of work? Well … I’m asking you to plan on ten hours a week of implementation time.

Is that “a lot?”

The more important question is:

Will You Decide That You Are Worth It?

I have packed this program with so much practical how-to information AS WELL AS purposeful and energy-based manifesting strategies that I am absolutely positive that you will create results IF you are willing to take action.

 Here’s What You’ll Get in

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