Amie Tollefsrud – InstaPreneur


Amie Tollefsrud – InstaPreneur

 Amie Tollefsrud – InstaPreneur

Gain Loyal Followers, Increase Engagement, Stand Out From The Crowd, and Monetize Your Business Using Instagram

But, by…

  • Simply being YOURSELF
  • Knowing the EXACT type of content your audience is looking for
  • AND where to find them

Maybe you…

  • Have been stuck at a few hundred followers for months (or even years…) now, and are at a loss for how to grow your Instagram account organically
  • Feel confused about all of the conflicting information on hashtags, algorithms, DMs, pods, bots, “shadowban”, etc.
  • Seem to only attract competitors or other accounts in the same industry as you, instead of potential clients
  • Have Instagrammer’s block: you never know what to post, when to post it, or take 30 minutes just to think of a caption
  • Wonder how YOUR account is ever going to stand out from the crowd, when it seems like everyone else is doing the exact same thing as you (but growing faster!)
  • Are still too scared to show your face on Insta-stories

This Instagram Strategy Includes:

  • Niching down
  • Branding my message
  • Knowing who my audience is and exactly where to find them
  • SERVING my audience – not “selling”
  • Upping my photo quality
  • Actually EDITING my photos
  • Creating a cohesive feed
  • Writing captions that connect
  • Establishing a Hashtag strategy
  • Leveraging the “algorithm”
  • Instagram stories
  • …and more

And now I’ve turned this strategy into an easily duplicatable, step by step guide called…

The Step-By-Step Guide To Gaining Loyal Followers, Increasing Engagement, Standing Out From The Crowd, and Monetizing Your Business, All Using Instagram.

And now I want to share my entire Instagram strategy with YOU 

Here’s what’s included:

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Class Curriculum

  • Welcome to InstaPreneur!
  • Start Here! + Important Links (2:27)
  • 0.1 Instagram Goal Setting + Your “Why” (3:06)

Instagram for Business

  • 1.1 Niche Marketing (6:53)
  • 1.2 Your Unique Brand Message (7:19)
  • 1.3 Visual & Personal Branding (7:04)
  • 1.4 How to Use Instagram for Business (5:31)
  • 1.5 Personal vs. Business Accounts (9:17)

Optimize Your Instagram Account

  • 2.1 Your Bio (6:29)
  • 2.2 Your Photos/Editing with iPhone (14:54)
  • 2.3 Your Feed (10:27)
  • 2.4 Your Captions (6:59)
  • 2.5 Your Hashtags (23:19)

Get immediately download Amie Tollefsrud – InstaPreneur

Instagram Growth Hacks

  • 3.1 Growth Strategies (23:04)
  • 3.2 Where to Find Your Ideal Audience on Instagram (7:35)
  • 3.3 Tagging Accounts (4:28)
  • 3.4 Beating the Algorithm (25:30)
  • 3.5 Instagram Stories (13:43)
  • 3.6 How To Be Great On Camera *BONUS* (4:36)

Planning/Monetizing Your Instagram Account

  • 4.1 Planning Your Instagram Content (8:20)
  • 4.2 Getting Your Audience OFF Instagram (3:42)
  • 4.3 Making Money From Your Instagram Account (7:29)
  • 4.4 Instagram Tools & Resources
  • 4.5 Rebelle’s Guide to Instagram (1:42)
  • 4.6 Reaching Out To Brands (+ Scripts!) BONUS

IG Tutorials

  • The Ultimate Guide To Branded Instagram Stories (11:07)
  • Switching to a Business Account (1:04)
  • Navigating Multiple IG Accounts (0:38)
  • Reading/Interpreting Your Business Analytics (4:01)
  • Instagram Bio Tutorial (1:04)
  • How to Edit Photos With Just Your Phone (5:30)
  • How To Show Up In The Top Posts For a Specific Hashtag (2:57)
  • Loop Giveaways (1:33)
  • How To Turn On Post Notifications (1:11)
  • How to Size a Photo For Instagram Stories (1:06)
  • ‘Later’ Tutorial (3:38)
  • Hashtag Analytics (1:06)
  • Following Hashtags (0:35)
  • How to auto-publish your posts (using Later!) (3:40)
  • How to size your photos for you Instagram feed

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Get immediately download Amie Tollefsrud – InstaPreneur

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