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Alexander - Social Encrypted

The World’s Most Experienced INFIELD Dating Coach…

Unveils his easy to follow step-by-step approach that shows ANY GUY how to transform himself into life of the party that all the hottest women at the club fight to take home every single night.
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“Alex teaches true natural game. True change that improves all aspects of your life. Thanks Alex for all the things you do and the great products you come out with. I’m excited to check this one out! Alex is probably the greatest social life instructor of today. I have read and watched a lot of other PUA material, but it wasn’t until I came across his old RSD YouTube videos then everything really started to click with me. After watching pretty much all his online YouTube videos, I knew I had to take a boot camp with him. I emailed RSD a couple of times trying to figure out when Alex was going to be running a boot camp, finally after weeks someone from RSD got back to me and said Alex is no longer with RSD and he was pursuing another business. About a month later, I found out about 4WN. I was going to do a 4 day boot camp that costs about the same, here I get to spend 4 weeks with a legend. ”
Ryan A.
“Most coaches in the industry said it couldn’t be done. The myth is that you either are a natural or you weren’t and that it couldn’t be taught. Alex is proving everyone wrong.”
James H.
“TNI taught me what game is supposed to look and feel like. The 10 commandments of what interactions need and what they don’t need helped focus my attention and mindset. After practise and repetition it becomes how you naturally relate to people instead of always having a micro-managing agenda behind what you say and do. I have gotten more value out of studying what Alex presents than any other material I’ve looked at. The other thing I really like is that TNI works best when you have truly pure intentions for the girl and for yourself. Your experience is largely determined by a win-win mindset instead of a value-taking, dirty pleasure type mindset. You’ve got a client for life here, Alex.”
Chris R.
“At first it felt as though Alex’s game didn’t even exist. It’s Basically INVISIBLE. He just seemed like some guy having extreme amounts of fun and the girls just kinda wanted to hang on for the ride. Now as I see myself doing the same, it blows my mind completely.”
Matthew G.
“Alex TNI thank you for mentoring my 4 weeks. It was more than worth it! Started pursuing my life goals and meeting new and quality people every week. Cheers, hope to see you soon mate.”
Natdanai B
Do you really want to be one of those guys?
Trying to “get her attention” while actually creeping girls out trying to replicate some YouTube “Guru”

Imagine a much more natural way of meeting girls, my method… that I have crafted for over 10 years.
Everyone’s trying to

Control the girl’s emotions, to trick the girl into liking them, using routines and lines, hoping the girl can’t see through their bullshit…
What if I told you that none of this was necessary? That you could meet your dream girl in a much more natural way…Without creeping her out… and without ever doing anything “weird’. A method I have come to understand after 10 years of doing this and that I will teach you today…

but it’s time to put an end to it… it’s time to shift the community in the right direction.
Creating Win-Win relationships for Both You and The Girl
My Name’s Alex

I have been teaching men of all types and all ages for the past 10 years…

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on how to improve in every aspect of their dating life. I’ve worked in this crazy mode around 300 days out of the year and traveled to some of the most remote places in the world. Trust me when I say… I have seen it all.

The secret to my game is very straight-forward, it’s purely about learning how to manifest a shit load of fun WHEREVER you are and creating a win-win situation for you and the girl.
I repeat…
WIN – WIN and FUN.

No manipulation, No scripts, nothing you need to memorize. Just learning to truly understand how to completely express yourself in the best way possible.

Imagine your game, your understanding of the social mess we live in, gets to such an immense depth, that people ASSUME you were always a natural. They assume you are much better looking than you really might be. They assume all these incredible positive qualities. but Why?
Because you are constantly showing them the best YOU. Then as a result they only focus on your best qualities, constantly.
That is my life at the moment.

I was never the guy you see speaking in-front of you today. I was much different. Introverted — unable to express myself. I barely had 3 friends very less a real “best friend”. Things were very different than what the world assumes of me now.

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Before I became an online dating coach, I was studying to become a psychologist. I wanted to really help people that had gone through hard times growing up as I did. So obviously after I became a dating coach, I began breaking down every student’s behavior and showed them what exactly is stopping them from getting the results and life they want.

Now listen, I’ve been teaching hundreds of students in person and thousands online, every year… and I’ve been doing this for almost a decade – you do the math…

I studied every student and every student taught me something new, but to be honest…
The biggest sticking points were always the same
Almost every student was doing the same few things wrong.

And chances are…. Whatever is holding you back right now from being the man you could be– whether it’s a small subtlety or a blatant mistake – I’ve probably seen it before…and fixed it.

So I sat down and put together everything I had, every piece of knowledge and experience… Every failure, mistake and sticking point I’ve seen out there…

And then I broke down my own brain, every single detail that makes me Who I am…

About how I think, and how I act and I created a program that covers literally EVERYTHING there is to natural game… from every possible angle.

To make you the dream guy for any girl.
To make it seem like you aren’t even trying and yet they all want you.
To be the center of attention wherever you might go.
To finally bring out the true YOU and have people love you for it.

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Introducing Social Encrypted

The first ever online course by the world’s most experienced infield coach

See… being a psychologist and sports enthusiast I came to accept one fact: Whatever you want to get good at… the best way is to receive professional coaching. The best thing after that is to watch someone who is already excelling at it. I have managed to combine BOTH aspects on my program Social Encrypted. All the benefits of an updated infield seminar and the bonuses of all my personal secrets I only share on boot camp with my students.

So instead of just creating a compilation of knowledge, I wanted to create more… I wanted to create a program that will help you see and understand what it is you’re doing wrong, what mistakes you’re making, and how you can fix them. So you don’t have to ever again experience the frustration of walking home alone and not knowing what went wrong.
But Alex, what exactly is inside the Social Encrypted package and how is it different than all the other pickup programs?
Great question…

if you have ever gone out to a nightclub or a bar then you have seen that guy who’s just trying a bit too hard.
It’s cringy and there’s just something off with him… well that’s the sad destiny of most guys who get into pickup.
Now that’s the main focus of this course. How to make you a true NATURAL, and of course… a true gentleman.
Imagine fearlessly walking up to any girl, starting a conversation with her, and not doing much more than just talking aimlessly… as you just watch her slowly want you more and more.
I’ve helped guys achieve this goal for about 10 years now… so i know you can do it too…
No excuses, I know every possible excuse known to man at this point.
Stop lying to yourself, deep down you know it’s not your looks or your financial situation that’s stopping you from doing all that…
we all know that one guy at the parties who has girls flocking all over him… maybe he’s short, or even fat but that doesn’t stop the girls from loving him… but the thing is: you can be that guy too.

Now I know what you’re gonna ask me:
“well Alex, if I sign up for Social Encrypted and watch the videos and learn the mindsets and do the exercises… will that solve my problems?“

The answer is yes BUT you still have to go out and practice the concepts you will be learning to really hammer them down into your brain.

The beauty in it is that, as you advance and face new problems, you can come back to Social Encrypted and find the answers to any problem you’re facing out there in the real life, and if you follow the instructions,
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Natural Instinct

I will show you what it means to be a natural
I will take you inside the mind of a natural, show you how they think, how they behave, and what their reality is like from a different perspective.
What are the qualities that make a man attractive to women, and how can you find or create those qualities in yourself?

It’s about finding ways to make yourself more attractive, finding ways to develop core confidence and inner traits that communicate you are of value… To become the ultimate best version of yourself,a man in your prime.
What is the “I am Enough Mindset” and how can you become “enough”?

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Unlike other coaches, I will be brutally honest with you. I will tell you exactly why you are NOT enough, and the fastest way you can BECOME enough.
How to make peace with your insecurities,gladly accept who you are, and make it work in your favor with girls.
What kind of guy is a girl really looking for? How can you become the gentleman of her dreams?
What do you think is a girl’s perfect guy? Is he ultra rich and handsome? Great body? Amazing in bed? Or maybe he’s smart and witty… what about a charming romantic fella?

In this part I will give the exact answer to that, proven by infield videos, showing you what girls are really looking for.
How to recognize natural game on a pre-verbal level as it’s something you feel and not something you see or hear.

Game is not something I can just tell you and expect you to understand, especially natural game. It’s all about the emotions. That’s why I’m putting The Most Hi-Def Infield footage ever released out of all existing programs in the world today. This way your subconscious mind can absorb these traits from every single possible angle and strive towards becoming a natural, without you having to actively do anything about it.

Now you may think I have always been like this, and in some ways I have, but my mindset has been constantly evolving and so has my game. And that’s why I will be showing you interactions from 2009, 2013 and 2015, to show you how I have changed, giving you a guideline to know how your game will also change, and what to expect at each and every step of the journey. So you’re not left with the constant feeling of missing something, or not knowing what the next step is.

I want you to always know where you’re headed…. Not only in the interaction with women, but also in your own development.
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Learn how to open with anything and have it work – no more routines
How to get rid of the routines, open with ANYTHING and making it work… while the “next guy” is still opening with some creepy lines and being blown out by the SAME girl…

Canned lines don’t work and to be honest, it’s just creepy… Going up to different girls and saying the same stuff to all of them hoping that one of them likes it? You’re better than that… Every human being is unique, therefore every interaction is unique in its own ways.
What needs to be done right off the open and how to get her full attention (instead of trying to talk to a girl – once again – who’s not even looking at you…)

If you have ever tried chatting up a girl at a bar or club, you know that many times they won’t really give you their attention… and if they don’t even give you their attention, you don’t really have a chance to let them experience you. I will show you the exact steps to take so this will never happen to you again.
How to get her to open up to you and stop showing you her cold shoulder

Most girls are shy and are not used to such an attractive guy talking to them… so they will be very quiet and hard to talk to. You need to know how to make them comfortable enough around you so they can open up to you, and be the fun goofy girl they really want to be.
How to overcome their so called “bitch-shield”

When you’re talking to a girl in the bar she will most likely have her shields up. It’s because she needs to protect herself from all the drunk creepy guys who are hitting on her all night.

To her, you’re the next creepy drunk guy, so she will have her shields up while talking to you… it’s only natural.

But in Social Encrypted I will show you what it takes to make her comfortable and what exactly you have to do so she lets her guard down and starts having a real interaction with you.
My biggest secret
My biggest secret to get the girl to come home with me… re-approaching. Now when most guys re-approach a girl, she perceives them as needy creeps but for me, it’s the exact opposite… they love it.

They appreciate it and they find it cute… and I’ll show you why it works and the precise way you can make it happen, too.
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Learn to be physical without scaring the girls away
Have you ever wondered how you can be physical with a girl without making her uncomfortable or defensive?

It’s very important to be physical with the girl right off the bat.
But you have to be careful… too much of it and it creeps her out… and too little of it and she loses interest. I will show you how to do it RIGHT so the girl enjoys herself and you never feel uncomfortable again being physical with girls.
How to arouse girls just by touching them Not only she should never feel uncomfortable by your touch but instead you should make her comfortable enough that she even asks for it.

Physicality is the easiest and fastest way you can turn her on… and any true gentleman must know how to turn his girl on.

From Teaching thousands of students all over the world I have seen it over and over… guys touching girls in ways that creep them out … I will show you how to avoid these mistakes and what exactly to do instead… so the girl will feel attracted to you on an unconscious level…

Learn how to tell when she’s attracted to you
How can you tell whether she’s
attracted to you?

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Almost every person on the planet has this problem.
How do I know if she likes me? There are countless YouTube videos about this, but to be honest… they are all hopeless.. They all misunderstand the most important signs she gives.You need to remember, girls are shy… but even when they’re shy, they will usually give you very subtle signs that they like you… and it’s your job to spot them and act on them…

How to show your intention without awkwardly hitting on her

This right here is the key to everything… if you’re directly hitting on the girl, most of the times it raises her defences and specially her friends defences… now you see…. If she’s defensive, there’s no way she will open up to you, let alone feel comfortable around you. Instead you will learn how to invisibly show your intention to the girl, so she will feel what’s up, without being able to pin it on you…
and she will want to have more of that feeling.
Different Sets

Stop making excuses and learn how to approach girls in different types of sets
It’s very rare to find an attractive girl all by herself.
She will most likely be with a group of her closest friends
(High chance they are also very attractive),
and here I will show you exactly how to handle every possible situation.

Groups of girls
2 Girls
Girls with guys
Dance floor
Seated girls
Restaurants & coffee shops
Walking girls on streets

The Interaction

Once she likes you, it is now the time to make her feel comfortable around you, and create a great vibe for you and her… so you can get to know each other.
How to build massive amounts of comfort and trust in a short period of time

You want to take her home on the first night, right? Trust me… it’s not gonna happen… unless you can make her feel a certain amount of trust and comfort.

In Social Encrypted you will learn step-by-step how to make people around you feel comfortable being around you and spending time with you. The girl will be able to trust you. And only then you can think about taking her to your place… or to hers.
How to ground your interactions to prevent flakes:

If you have ever gotten a couple of phone numbers from girls in the club, then you know thatlots of times they will not respond to your texts.
Flaking hurts… and it’s one of the points I see guy constantly struggling with… But it’s SO EASY…by grounding your interactions and making it “Real” you can drastically decrease the flaking rates and make the girls respond to you messages.
How to seed the pull:

You need to plant the idea of going home together in her mind way before you actually
attempt to take her home with you.
So many guys lose countless amounts of girls just by missing this one simple step. Inside the Social Encrypted I’ll show you precisely how I do this and how you can use this for yourself… so you don’t have to persuade girls “to come with you and watch a movie” ever again (you’ve probably realized at this point: it’s just too obvious…)

It is incredibly easy for me to go home with a new girl almost every night and you can learn how to do it too.
How you can become the leader of her group

You should become the leader of her group and lead them to wherever YOU’RE
planning to go, Whether it’s your home or theirs.
Determine Her Logistics

I’m sure you’ve encountered this before: You meet a cute girl, you kick it off insanely well, and when the club closes it seems like you’re gonna go home together… until you realize that it’s not going to happen…A girl may want to go home with you but she just can’t… for many different reasons, like:

She’s the designated driver
She has to get up at 6 am next morning
She lives with her parents
…. and so on
You need to learn

how to figure out exactly what kind of a situation you are dealing with, so you can handle the situation accordingly and don’t waste your time on a girl that just is not available.

Front Door Rule
This is by far the Easiest and the most efficient way to go home with a new girl almost every single night.
Following the girl around the club for hours, making sure you never lose her is incredibly low value and pathetic. A true natural with options will never do that. And so shouldn’t you. Instead, just simply front door rule it. This is something I observed amongst some of the best naturals I know. And it works. It’s the single one most efficient aspect of your game – if you want to go home with a new girl every night.
Floating vs Pulling
Forget everything you know about pulling.
Forget the word pull.

Instead learn how to float instead. I will show you the difference and how exactly floating will increase your results drastically and you can laugh about the next guy who’s putting all his effort into ‘pulling a girl’ (without success)…
Extra Section

We live in a judgemental world. We hurt girl’s social value by slut shaming them, for doing what is only human nature. All humans love sex, yet we will judge a girl for liking it.
And that’s why…

Even if she emotionally wants to go home with you, her logical mind will stop her from doing so. You need to show her that you are non-judgemental, and give her the logical reasons she needs to feel comfortable enough to go home with you.
Never. Ever.

This is your opportunity
For the first time ever you will be witnessing 5 entire nights recorded with high def cameras, with every single interaction, from opens to finally the pulls.
After this you will have absolutely no excuses. You will know exactly what to expectand you will know exactly what to do
The road ahead will look clearer than ever before.
You have it all, now it’s only up to you.
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Social Encrypted

22 Seminar With Infield Video Examples and Full Infield Videos. The Most Comprehensive Guide To Night Game In The Pick Up Industry. What To Say, How To Beat Tests, How To Plan The Night, How To Leave With Girls. A Huge Catalogue of Infield Video

✅ 22 Module Presentation
✅ Over 30 Hours Content
✅ How To Talk Infinitely
✅ You Are Enough Professional Presentation
✅ 10 Feature Infield Video Breakdowns
✅ All Seminars Taught With Infield Video Examples
✅ Bonus Travelling Foreigner Game
✅ Bonus Loud Club Game

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