Aff Playbook – Billion Dollar Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Strategies


Aff Playbook – Billion Dollar Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Aff Playbook - Billion Dollar Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Strategies

affiliate marketing done right

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry and, in my opinion, one of the best ways to build your own business online.

There are endless opportunities with affiliate marketing, and seemingly endless ways to approach it.

You might have read some blogs and taken courses, but feel like you’re missing something.

If you’re like most affiliates, you’ve probably run into these issues:
You aren’t sure if you’re doing the ‘right’ thing

You might start with one method, then decide another might be better and switch. Next thing you know, it feels like you’ve tried everything and still aren’t making money.
You’ve had some success, but can’t keep it consistent.

I see this happen ALL the time. You start panicking when your income dries up, and your income goes down. Worse, you start changing everything because you aren’t sure what made it work in the first place.

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out how Aff Playbook can give you a solid plan to follow.
About me

My name is David Ford – I’m the owner and founder of the Aff Playbook. I got my start in affiliate marketing over 20 years ago when I was working an IT support job. It was a good job, but I was bored and had no opportunity to increase my income.

I started looking for ways to make extra money and soon after found myself doing affiliate marketing.

Within a year I was making 3x my ‘real’ job’s salary. I quit my job, and never looked back.

Over the years, I’ve been successful across many traffic sources and niches. I’ve consulted for companies, created my own products, and coached thousands of affiliates.

In 2009 I started Aff Playbook as a way to teach and interact with other affiliates. Since then, I’ve helped countless students achieve success and financial freedom – truly the greatest reward you can get as a teacher.

What you’ll learn

Affiliate marketing can be approached in numerous ways.

Unfortunately, a lot of the information out there doesn’t teach affiliates how to actually build a business.

Too many affiliates get stuck in the hamster wheel of affiliate marketing. They do great for a while, then it dries up, and they start over from scratch again and again. To make things even worse – they usually employ methods that don’t build anything of actual value.

I made the decision that I wanted to teach affiliate marketing methods that didn’t focus on promoting ‘sketchy’ programs, or doing ‘blackhat’ methods. I teach methods that produce stable income, and grow as time goes on. You don’t want to be the person who puts in lots of hard work, but has nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Affiliates are notorious for being middlemen who produce nothing of value, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make big money while also building real assets that generate revenue for years to come.
Aff Playbook courses teach you how to do affiliate marketing as a long term business that keeps growing

You’ll learn how to build websites and monetize them, how to select affiliates offers and niches, how to use paid traffic to your advantage, how to build and much more.

You won’t just learn ONE thing…

A smart affiliate marketer focuses on building multiple streams of income. I’ll teach you how to do this, and avoid putting all your eggs in one baset.

I focus on creating systems that you can learn, implement, and make your own. You’ll find content and strategies with specific steps to follow. I don’t waste time on ‘fluff’.

There are so many great ways to do affiliate marketing. Some people focus only on affiliate marketing, some use affiliate marketing as just a part of their business.

Aff Playbook will help you figure out where to start, or how to incorporate affiliate marketing in your existing business.
Who is this program for?

Get immediately download Aff Playbook – Billion Dollar Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a seasoned affiliate marketer, Aff Playbook has you covered.

If you have no experience, you’ll learn where to start and gain the key skills you need to build your business for long-term success. We can help you along your journey from newbie to as far as you want to go.

More experienced marketers will gain insight from our case studies. That’s where we set aside the theoretical and showcase real-world examples so you can see what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how we turn little wins into big paydays.
Your membership includes

Why does your program work?

1. Everything I teach is something I’ve personally done and had success with.
2. I do everything in my power to help students succeed.
3. I teach skills and techniques that work for years and build over time. This isn’t about hiding from advertisers and skirting the rules with ad networks. It’s about building real skills and real assets that just get better and better over time.

First, everything I teach is something I’ve personally done and had success with. I’ve spent nearly half my life (yikes!) building my online marketing business and skills. The bottom line is that I only teach things I personally know are working.

Second, my students have a high success rate because I do anything in my power to help them succeed. I love helping people become successful – it’s like an awesome video game where I beat the final boss and win!

I can’t guarantee anyone’s success of course. What I can tell you is that if you apply the material, put in consistent effort, and ask for feedback as you go, the chances are very good you will find success. I don’t base that on some vague idea – this is
How much do I need to invest to get started?

Besides the cost of the program, there is very little you need to spend money on to get started. This depends on what you want to do of course. If you want to do paid traffic like Google Ads for example, you would need a budget to buy the traffic.
For most people starting out, the costs are just a domain name and a web host – somewhere in the range of $5-$10/month.
Will I be successful? (and if so, when?)

The million dollar question right? The honest answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Everyone’s situation is different.

I’ve been teaching affiliates for more than a decade now, and I typically see two kinds of students:

1. These students go through a few courses, put in a little effort, then get frustrated when they’re not diving into their own private money bins after a month or two. A few of them stick it out long enough to get over the hump, but most move on to the next shiny object.

2. These are the moneymakers, and I can usually spot them right away. They’re the ones who finish the courses, apply consistent effort, and ask for help so they can correct course as they go. Whether their goal is to make a little extra spending money or earn a good living, these students nearly always succeed eventually. The actual time it takes depends on their skillset, free time, and goals – but they get there.
How much time do I need to devote?

This is one of the best things about doing affiliate marketing – you can do as little or as much as you want. I have students who do it on a very part time basis to make extra money. I have other students who do this as a full time job. The #1 factor in your success isn’t how many hours per day you put in, it’s how consistent you are over the long run.
Is Aff Playbook a forum?

From 2009-2019, it was one of the most respected affiliate marketing forums around. In 2019, I decided to switch things up. Why?

I’m obsessed with figuring out how to make affiliates successful.

When a student tells me they’ve made enough money to quit their job or buy a new house or pay their kid’s tuition, it makes my MONTH. I know how good that feels, and I love knowing I’ve helped somebody else get that.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying content delivery and figuring out how best to help my students – and it’s become very clear that online courses are superior to traditional web forums. Forums are hard to organize, full of duplicate questions, and the most valuable content gets buried far too easily.

With the new format, I can present better organized content, and more of it. Instead of answering repeat questions and helping people find valuable older threads, I can devote more time to all-new case studies, lessons, and webinars.

All the important case studies and lessons from the forum have been converted to this course format and updated – and since every course has a discussion section, you can still ask questions any time you need to.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Billion Dollar Long-Term Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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